Episode 03: Success without the B.S.

with Sarah Khan

Jennifer Battle chats with entrepreneur and b.s. busting business badass Sarah Khan on  smashing business myths and creating a business that is easeful and 100% you.

In this episode, Jennifer + Sarah explore: 

  • Why corporate women with incredible experience suffer from “imposter syndrome” when transitioning to entrepreneurship
  • How corporate women can leverage their knowledge and experience for a successful business
  • Busting bad business advice regarding mindset and pricing
  • Being an “outlier” in the entrepreneur space
  • Sarah’s personal journey to becoming unf*kwitable 

“There's a lot of rhetoric and mindset stuff around ‘take up space’ and ‘be big’ and ‘be loud’ and ‘be yourself ‘and ‘be polarizing’, but at the same time, you've been told your entire career, your entire life, to play small.” -- Sarah Khan


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Jennifer Battle

About the Host

Jennifer Battle is the CEO of Jennifer Battle Brands which helps leaders create impact through connection, strategy and personal growth. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada enjoying the mountains with her two spoiled dogs, Ginger + Stella.